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Overall the game offers a very enjoyable combat system that is sadly held back and contained due to the somewhat wonky camera system, limited pool of enemies and lackluster level design. В строке Resolution вы можете отрегулировать разрешение дисплея. Along with that the maps, the environments are decently detailed with limited destructable items throughout. Airbending is the odd one out, being too strong and fun to use. Опции: Описание: Пройдено на 100%, открыто все кроме последней вещи в ко… +9 трейнер для версии 1. If only this was a full budget title with more time given in making it. There is also one part where one gets to play probending events and also a mode for pro bending itself which is quite decent and could had been a multiplayer game itself. Это занимает от одного-двух дней до недели. Chaining attacks from one element to the next and figuring out combos, a great dodge and a really spot on counter system, all of that makes every fight incredibly fun. Avatar, Which I knew nothing about until two days prior when i watched the entire thing to research for this specific game.

Аватар должен спасти два мира, используя мощь четырех стихий — воды земли, огня и воздуха. Лишь одному Аватару под силу соединить мощь всех 4 стихий — воды земли, огня и воздуха! Note once you beat the game and unlocked access to all 4 elements and the avatar state. The combo system is not too complex and there isn't a combo tree to invest points in but rather a leveling system that unlocks new addition to the combos as the element is being used. The final boss is hair-splitting, but worth the whole effort. The game tells players that the best way to play it is with a game pad for a better experience which feels right for this type of action game. But where the game really shines is the combat. I was worried that it would get repetitive, but all I can say is that it just doesn't. Или не захотели везти — и тогда вдвойне обидно.

Of course, it feels rushed but that's due to the short dev. The game plays out very well and the combat is where the game shines. Nickelodeon, Legend of Korra and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. It almost, if all, doesn't deserve any of the negative comments it gets. The Naga sections are a bit "meh", but they provide a challenge which is good enough for me. The game is far from perfect; at times it's frustratingly difficult, and the story is nearly non-existant - a shame, too, because the cutscenes are animated by the same team from the show. All of the elements also have their own pros and cons in terms of fighting style. Особняком, как водится, стоит «Железный цех», посвященный не только компьютерному железу, но и любым девайсам, интересным для игроков это не только компьютерные мышки, рули да джойстики, но и ноутбуки, планшеты, читалки и прочее.

Корра владеет четырьмя стихиями, и на каждую приходится отдельный набор движений. The difficulty in the game spikes at certain places such as the triad fights and Naga final run minigame. I died many times and took 10 hours to beat. Аватар должен спасти два мира, используя мощь четырех стихий — воды земли, огня и воздуха. Как сделать игру на весь экран, если играть в окне не удобно?

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